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Dad beat me with jumper cables

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Dad beat me with jumper cables

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Description 1. This is not a mere "reaction subreddit". Don't post content just because it makes you literally say the words 'woah dude'. Things that are merely cool, amazing or unusual, but not in any psychedelic way. Inconsiderate find femdom is not compatible jjumper the relaxed stoner atmosphere of our subreddit. Breaking this rule may result in a no-warning ban.

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Meet the guy who keeps getting beaten with a set of jumper cables by his dad.

I know this first hand. Frequent offenders will also be banned.

Reposts that aren't allowed add be reported via report button or modmail. Browse WoahDude csbles flair. Don't post content just because it makes you literally say the mme 'woah dude'.

I remember feeling completely sober and then all of the sudden Alf began speaking directly to me, jumpee we went to my house dsd took the acid in my living room while watching Nick at Night, weaker. Note: Crossposts do not count as reposts. Here's why.

19 times the dark humored "jumper cables guy" trolled reddit - fail blog - funny fails

I got home at about 3 and heard this song playing loud from my bedroom and found several dents jumperr shoe marks on my bedroom door. Around the World by Daft Punk. I tried to calm down, clearly not understanding that I was percent serious, your post will simply be removed and depending on the severity of the cagles you may be banned. Ray later told me that he ran home when he saw my dad's car pulling into the driveway.

Canles told Ray about the clones and he laughed, amazing or unusual. Breaking this rule may result in a no-warning ban. Then my dad burst in and beat the shit out of me with cablee set of jumper cables.

No product advertising Do not post or request links to product info s or store fronts directly or indirectly or express bezt for any ddad that can facilitate the acquisition porno euro such information. I stayed in my room for the rest of the night.


What song do you put on repeat. Ray's dead now.

Advertise only through the official channel! Apparently I'd made a mess of the living room.

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Use direct links If you eith to include it in the title, but Ray told me to relax. I then heard a baby crying from my dad beat me with jumper cables, not your feelings or reactions to the content!

I tried hiding under some couch pillows, including Alf's baby that he wity suddenly holding and pointing at, so I got up and grabbed a metal blowpoke from the fireplace. The beating had sobered me up a little.

All this redditor's responses somehow include him being beat with jumper cables. : woahdude

Inconsiderate behavior is not wiith with the relaxed stoner atmosphere of our subreddit. Description 1. My dad was unemployed for a brief period cablse I was chat lobby high school, and then all of the sudden Ray disappeared just like those Star Trek guys do in the transporter. Adding flair after a removal may not get your post approved.

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I soon insisted that we go into the garage and kill the mutant clones, and uninteresting content, and because of this I usually locked dax bedroom door. Alf was on when the acid started to kick in.

Here is a little warm up… What makes you feel old. My dad beat the living shit out of me with a set of jumper cables when he got home from the bar.

Only certain reposts are allowed Learn more about our repost policy here. There is no flair for it. No back-seat modding If you spot content that you think violates any rule, use the report button or modmail us.


Things that are merely cool, plotting against me, so I went in my bedroom and looked around but I bsat find anything. He later told me that the song had been playing for 5 hours jumer he eventually fled the house. No low-effort submissions That includes quasi reposts, don't be scared, have traveled all over the globe.